Orange1 synchronous motors, PMSM and SynRM

In Orange1 synchronous reluctance motors and permanent magnet motors are available for the most specific needs. They are mainly used in industrial sectors that require high efficiency levels and high dynamics of the electric motor.

Our SQ permanent magnet motor series are perfect to be installed in industrial machines without the use of any gearbox, resulting in a higher efficiency of the electric system.

Our SRQ, ASR and SRca reluctance motor series are designed up to IE4 class to ensure the highest energy efficiency. This is the case for applications and power systems with variable load: the result is the overall extreme flexibility and customization.

Synchronous motors for industry: details and overview

Synchronous motors differ from asynchronous motors in the rotation speed, which is synchronized with the electric frequency: synchronous motors have the advantage of being powerful, precise in their settings, reliable for their structure and drive by inverter.

Synchronous motors can be classified depending on the rotor structure:

Permanent magnet synchronous motors (or PMSM): these motors allow high precision in speed control and have a simpler design;

Variable reluctance synchronous motors (or SynRM): these motors are extremely reliable, compact and generate high power efficiency.

When choosing the most suitable electric motor, it’s best to consider the differences between induction motors and synchronous motors, such as permanent magnet or reluctance motors.

PMSM motors are extremely compact and generate much higher power, when compared to squirrel cage induction motors of the same size; whereas SynRM motors are designed to achieve high efficiency and energy savings in partial load or variable speed applications.