Orange1 Brushless servomotors and High Torque motors

The increasing, evolving demands in industrial automation are constantly looking for systems with higher performances, better reliability and less maintenance. Hence, Orange1 provides a range of highly efficient permanent magnet brushless electric motors.

The HTQ series of high torque brushless motors provides high torque capacities and high power at a low speed. These high torque low RPM motors are specifically used for an easier direct installation in a variety of industrial machines.
The NGBe series of industrial brushless servo motors guarantees very high performances at variable speeds, with the advantage of achieving a long duration without being subject to wear. These are considered to be reliable and efficient PM motors.

Brushless motors, servo and high torque: details and overview

Brushless motors are among the most popular permanent magnet electric motors on the market. By not having brushes, these electric motors can achieve a better efficiency and speed: besides the bearings they do not have other parts subject to deterioration.

Among the most common brushless motors for industrial automation, there are:

  • Servomotors: unlike BLDC motors, a servo motor adapts more easily to large and sudden variations in speed, torque, acceleration and durability, with maximum speed and precision. They can also withstand higher power peaks.
  • Torque motors: these are a particular type of brushless motors with high torque values, able to operate at low speeds without the use of gearboxes, thus improving the precision and efficiency of the machines.

Brushless electric motors are often chosen for their low cost maintenance, the easy integration, the dynamic performance and the accurate torque and speed control.