Orange1 high torque and gradual self-braking motors

Asynchronous electric motors may be equipped with electromagnetic brakes in order to control down times. They may be reduced to a minimum or adjusted in order to achieve gradual braking.

Orange1 manufactures self-braking motors with AC or DC current brakes capable of ensuring a controlled motor interruption which is suitable for specific industrial applications.

The Orange1 series of electric brake motors is divided into two types:

Brake motors with high torque that achieve extremely short downtimes, suitable for lifting and industrial handling.

Gradual brake motors to brake progressively and quietly, perfect for cutting, drilling, milling and sanding applications.

The expertise of the Orange1 Group is available to study and to create customized electric motors with brakes. We take into account the needs of the client and the parameters which are necessary to meet any technical specification. Both on the brake and on the motor.

AC and DC motors with brakes: details and overview

An asynchronous self braking motor is equipped with a steel disc brake: it works when the supply voltage is missing thanks to a built-in system made up of springs and rectifiers.

The brake system installed in electric motors can be powered in:

Direct or alternating current with high torque brake motors, which have a high braking torque to obtain a consequent sudden stop. It is therefore possible to operate numerous interventions in a limited time and with maximum precision;

Direct current with progressive brake motors, for a smooth and silent stop, ideal for gradual braking and for locking the system in the absence of voltage.

Electric brake motors guarantee an extreme precision of the stopping time. It can be both sudden and gradual, maintaining all the advantages of asynchronous motors.