Orange1 vector duty electric motors for industry

The Orange1 vector induction motors are specially designed to ensure robust and very compact structures with the highest performance in variable speed applications.

The main features of these electric motors are the squirrel cage design with laminated square stator and vector flow control. All this together with the cooling system with axial or radial fan to allow maximum torque even at low speeds.

Despite their small size, the Orange1 vector drive motors achieve high specific powers, and maximum speeds up to 8000 rev/min. Their torque capacity is always higher and continuous than a standard induction motor with the same axis height.

The Orange1 vector duty motors are available in 11 sizes, with powers from 2.5 to 3600 kW, with insulation class F and IP23-IP54 protection class. We therefore are able to offer the advantage of achieving precise speed control in combination with small dimensions.

Vector control of induction motors: details and overview

A vector drive motor can easily operate in systems that require a particularly precise and stable speed control, thanks to its improved drive method and control function.

Unlike inverter duty motors, the vector control of an induction motor is a variable frequency drive method where the currents of the stator are represented by two orthogonal components that can be visualized as a vector.

Vector duty is generally used on AC motors and high-performance motors. Here, in fact, it is necessary to operate with high dynamism and optimal speed control without having to use synchronous motors with permanent magnets.