Orange1 asynchronous motors for industrial applications

The Orange1 range of asynchronous motors is among the largest on the market: we produce single-phase, three-phase and high efficiency induction motors for many industrial sectors.
In our catalog you can find asynchronous single-phase motors, with drive and start capacitors which are perfect for any installation in civil systems; three-phase induction motors at one or two speeds, custom made to technical specifications; electric motors with efficiency level IE2 and IE3, for energy saving and high performance.

Orange1 induction motors are designed to meet several market requirements, such as Atex explosion-proof motors for hazardous environments, induction motors with double flange for high pressure pumps, oil-bath motors for the hydraulic sector, induction motors for burners, encapsulated or vectorial motors and many more.
We also develop custom asynchronous motors in mechanical and electrical performances, with special voltages and frequencies suitable for the most specific industrial applications.

Induction motors: details and overview

In asynchronous motors, also known as induction motors, the rotor speed is lower than the rotational speed of the magnetic field generated by stator windings, from which asynchronism derives.
Due to their reliability and cost-effectiveness, AC asynchronous motors are among the most widely used electric motors in medium/large companies and global industries.

Induction motors’ technology is now well established, easy and economical. It is also extremely reliable and flexible: that’s why these electric motors are suitable for countless industrial applications in order to deliver very high performances.
Asynchronous motors are regulated by specific product directives, including those for efficiency levels (e.g. IE2 or IE3) or IP protection classes (e.g. IP40 or IP67).