DC motors – RA series

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Motor is designed for variable speed industrial applications. The stator is fully laminated to reduce the losses. The magnetic circuit and windings have been designed to obtain excellent commutation features. Available in 20 frames, from 80 to 800, witb power from 0.5 up tp 2500kW. Compensation windings are available from frame 180 and bigger to enhance performance under condition of overload or weakened filed flux. Insulation class F o H, degree of protection IP23, cooling method IC06.



Additional information

Custom made customizations

On request are available: A wide range of accessories such as encoders, tachometers, brakes, sensors and relays. Various mounting forms and cooling methods. Protection degree up to IP55 Certification: NEMA and CSA

Applications sector

Rolling mills, Extruders, Press, Crane, Amusement rides, Machine tools, Cable transport, Thread/cable manufacturing machines, Blowing machines.