Orange1 enters Fler capital

Milan 10 April 2024 – Orange1 Holding, opens the year with the announcement of a new initiative that reinforces its commitment to the future of young people, already manifested through the creation of the Foundation Orange1 for People ETS. President Armando Donazzan announces the entry into the capital of Fler Company, a startup founded in 2021 by Allegra Violante, a 27-year-old visionary, and Francesca Accordi.

After a formative experience in the United States, where she followed an MBA and worked with a startup in the fitness sector, Allegra Violante returns to Italy with a revolutionary vision for the beauty care market. On the strength of the skills she has acquired and the inspiration drawn from observing the most innovative American brands in the field of personal care, Violante is launching Fler, a brand destined to transform the concept of hair removal in the Italian market.

This partnership underlines Orange1’s commitment to investing in companies led by young talent that not only show promise and innovation in their fields but also share similar values, including sustainability, social engagement and empowerment through self-care.

“Fler represents exactly the kind of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit we wish to support,” says Armando Donazzan, President of Orange1. “Allegra and Francesca’s commitment to creating a product that defies convention in the beauty market, with a keen eye on sustainability and women’s empowerment, reflects the values we hold dear at Orange1.
Fler, with its innovative approach to hair removal, offers sustainable and high quality products, thus meeting the needs of an increasingly environmentally and health conscious market. The support of Orange1 will allow Fler to further expand its market presence, unleashing the potential of the brand and its founders.
With Fler, hair removal becomes a beauty ritual that celebrates self-care, with products that stand out not only for their effectiveness, but also for their design and the values they represent. Fler’s mission is clear: to offer Italian women an alternative that reflects their values and needs, proposing an approach to hair removal that is at once modern, effective and sustainable.

Allegra Violante CEO & Founder of Fler:“I am enthusiastic about the entry of Orange 1, which represents recognition of our commitment and a step forward in our mission to innovate the world of hair removal and body-care.
The expertise and resources of Orange 1 and Armando Donazzan will allow us to accelerate Fler’s development and continue to grow both in Italy and in new markets”.

Armando Donazzan Orange1 Holding President: “I am pleased to announce that Orange1, through the Equity Shareholder Division, has joined the Fler start-up.I am happy to join Francesca and Allega, whom I respect very much. For us, this will be the first of a series of projects in which we want to invest in order to create added value in the area, confronting new markets where the contribution of our experience can really make a difference”.