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“Soul, Heart and Brain striving to create real value to our customers and to ourselves.
Our principal motto is “We are Passion” in order to win the most passionate challenge: anticipate customers’ needs”
Armando Donazzan

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strong, dynamic, ambitious.

Orange1 Holding is an international renown Group, one of the most important European manufacturer of single-phase and three-phase asynchronous electric motors, foundry and turning parts.

Present in over 70 countries with a turnover of 205 Million €, annually produces over 1 million single-phase and three-phase asynchronous electric motors, 5 million windings for asynchronous electric motors, 60,000 drives for electric motors, 12.500 tons of die-cast aluminum and 12 million high precision turning parts for the automotive sector.

Already a leader in the production of electric motors, the company’s historic and well-established core business, since 2017 it has also been growing into aluminum die-casting with the new Foundry division.

In 2018 Orange1 Precision was born to develop the high precision mechanics and small parts market.

A history
of passion

Thanks to this great ability for constant growth and proven solidity, together with the foresight vision of the President Armando Donazzan, Orange1 Holding pursues the goal of becoming a 360-degree partner and supplier of motors and components, a unique interlocutor for diversified products and markets.

Leading expertise, a global product portfolio, research, innovation and the ability to think in terms of an integrated system, are empowering the perception of the Brand, which is today increasingly competitive.

To complete the solid and dynamic reality of the Orange1 world, also the commitment in sport and racing with  Orange1 Basket and Orange1 Racing.


Orange1 milestones.


Elettromeccanica Leone Donazzan

In Bassano del Grappa (VI) the company Elettromeccanica Leone Donazzan (ELD) was founded to provide tecnichal assistance and motorwindings. Production was shortly extended to the market of industrial plant engineering.



The company turned into Eld Spa and increased the business targeting foreign markets like France, Germany and the nordic countries As the business grows, it opens up to the Eastern markets, especially towards the ex Soviet Union The fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, at the end of the 1980s, led Leone Donazzan to set new goals and face new challenges.


Eme KFT was established in Hungary. The company is specialized in the production of winding stators for electrical motors.

Eme Italy

Opening in Italy


CEG Srl’s shares are 100% purchased, this allows the Group to reach market segments not yet served, consolidating and developing its range of special engines, in particular for the OEM sector (small, highly specialized production).

Unielectric ed Elpromtech

The Group finalized the acquisition of Unielectric Spa with the aim of increasing the winding stators production. At the end of the same year Elpromtech became part of the Group. In doing so, the Group increased its production capacity, enhanced market’s presence and stretched the product portfolio mainly thanks to the Atex range of motors.


The Group changed its name to Orange1 with a new challenge: creating a brand to strenghten and empower the Group.
On November was announced a new strategic acquisition: Elettromeccanica Valceno.


Metalpres Cenzato Spa, Metalpres Rom Srl and GM&A (later named Mado) enter into Orange1 Group. The purpose of those acquisitions, together with the windings, was to create the verticalization chain of the components also for the electric motors.


With EmotionInMotion, Orange1 group extends and improves its product’s range with variable frequency drives “plug & play” in addition to the general purpose drives, providing an increasingly sophisticated product and improving energy efficiency performance; a particular important issue for future development.

Orange1 Racing

January: Orange1 Racing division is born. International Gt Open, Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo and Italian Rally Championship are the new thrilling challenges.

Magnetic S.r.l.

On September : Acquisition of Magnetic srl located in Montebello Vicentino (VI). Estabilished in 1981, Magnetic Srl, designs and produces a wide range of variable speed and high efficiency IE4 and IE5 motors.


On May with SICME MOTORI srl of Turin the 13th acquisition has been signed, accomplishing the goal in becoming a leader in vectorial motors and synchronous motors.

October: Orange1 Foundry is estabilished to take the industrial division of Industrie Pasotti S.p.A. in SabbioChiese (BS), specialized in Die casting aluminium and leader in supplying components for household appliances. Orange1 Foundry aims to become the european leader into the “made in Italy” aluminium die casting market.

Brixiapress & CAME

The Slovak company Brixiapress, plant of the former IPS Sabbio Chiese specializing in die-casting and mechanical processing of products in the automotive and electrical appliances market, joins the Orange1 group.

The Slovak company Brixiapress, plant of the former IPS Sabbio Chiese specializing in die-casting and mechanical processing of products in the automotive and electrical appliances market, joins the Orange1 group.

Orange1 Precision

From the merger of Mado srl and Came srl, Orange1 Precision strategic division is born; an eyelet for the Orange1 Holding business. The new division specialized into high precision turning metallic parts is ready to become a reference partner for leading companies in the hydraulic, pneumatic, aerospace and automotive market.


Sicme Orange1 was born from the merger of Sicme Motori and Magnetic, combining tradition and innovation to consolidate the strength in the Orange1 group.


With the aim of market recognition of all companies that make up the divisions of the Group, EME kft changed its name to Orange1 Hungary kft from 1 January 2023.

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