Wind generator


Permanent magnet generator designed for wind applications. They have been designed to be directly connected to the blades, “Direct-Drive” solution. This solution allows to eliminate gearbox and other mechanical components in order to minimize maintenance and increase efficiency. The generator housing is very robust to be fixed to the wind turbine nacelle and to support the mechanical stresses of the blades. Wind generators are characterized by a high number of poles, from 24 up to 48 and over, with speeds from 35 up to 400 rpm. Available in various sizes with powers from 10 up to 3000 kW. Wind generators can be air-cooled or closed not ventilated Degree of protection IP55.

Field of use:

Wind generator

Custom-made option:

The generators from Sicme Orange1 are built to customer specifications and are produced using the most advanced technologies to achieve the best performance and efficiency. On request can be supplied: Co-engineered solutions. Active parts into customer housing with custom solutions to perfectly match application and customer requirements.