Synchronous permanent magnet motor – SQ Series


SQ motors are permanent magnets synchronous motors designed for industrial applications. Main features are: very high torque density and efficiency.

SQ motors are extremely compact and they generate higher power compared to squirrel cage asynchronous motors with same dimension.

Conform to super premium efficiency IE4 class. Available in 3versions: 4, 6 and 12 poles. Four and six poles versions are designed for fluid motion, ventilation systems or pumps. Twelve pole versioni s designed to drive the operating machine directly, solution called “Direct-Drive”.

Available in 7 frames with power from 3 up to 1000kW. Insulation class F, degree of protection IP54, cooling method IC416.

Field of use:

Pumps, Plastic processing, Metal processing.


Synchronous motor



Business Unit:

Electric Motors – Sicme Orange 1

Custom-made option:

On request are available: Large number of accessories like encoder, | tachogenerator | brake | sensors and relays. Low inertia version | SJ series.