Gradual Brake Motors


The main features of this type of brake are the gradual and quiet stop, the dimensional compactness and the savings, particularly indicated to progressively slow down the processing of robust inertia masses and to allow locking even in the lack of voltage, to guarantee safety on the work. It’s an electromagnetic spring brake, in direct current, fed through a special rectifier, which is connected and inserted inside the motor terminal board cover. Giving tension to the electromagnet, the movable brake anchor, provided with friction seal, is attracted by releasing the cast iron fan, in-built with the drive shaft. In lack of tension the mobile anchor, pushed by the springs, is pressurized on the fan, gradually braking the shaft until it stops. It‘s mounted in the rear part of the motor inside the fan cover, generally maintaining the same overall dimensions of the unified IEC non-braking motors. The robust and compact structure, as well as the cast iron fan, ensure good heat dissipation. It can be mounted on different motor ranges, also in the following versions on request: UL – CSA -> motor built and marked in compliance with North American safety requirements.

Field of use:

Cutting, Drilling, Milling, Sanding


Brake Motors



Business Unit:

Electric motors - Orange1 Electric Motors

Custom-made option:

We have the expertise and the availability to study, | design and implement any project that includes this type of brake | starting from the specifications/drawings provided by the customer. Shafts and/or flanges to design | mechanical suitability to particular radial and/or axial loads | electrical sizing for extra European voltages/frequencies (both for the motor and for the brake) | protection and isolation from external agents | pre-arrangement for inverter drive | use of special rectifiers to manage the release and/or braking times.