Orange1 electric motors, windings and metal parts

The Orange1 range of electric motors includes asynchronous and synchronous motors, three-phase and single-phase, in various sizes and polarities according to specific industrial applications.

Our main goal is to produce electric motors suitable for the many usage demands of industries. We produce asynchronous motors up to 3700 kW and synchronous motors up to 2700 kW, hydroelectric generators up to 3000 kW and wind turbines up to 5000 kW.

The range of electric motors is completed with inverters and variable frequency drives, electric windings for multiple industrial uses, and with a production of semi-finished aluminum castings and precision turning parts to provide the most complete solutions.


Orange1: electric motors manufacturing since 1971

We are a group with over 50 years of experience in the design and development of AC and DC electric motors for industry, with a high quality production made in Italy.
All our electric motors comply with the applicable product regulations in Europe and, upon request, in the USA and Canada to ensure the highest quality and safety standards.

Our current production includes a wide selection of AC and DC electric motors with high efficiency levels IE2 or IE3, Atex motors and brushless motors, direct current and low center motors, self-braking and vectorial motors, generators and special motors.

We offer our customers the design of custom-built electric motors, with tailored technical specifications and suitable for different industrial applications, such as electric motors for hydraulic and ventilation systems, motors for the automotive, railway, energy, textile or food sectors, electric motors for handling systems, irrigation, wellness and much more.

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